Mudiwa Foundation (MA 609/16) is a youth-led and child-focused Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on eliminating all forms of Sexual Violence against Children.

More Projects

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Legal Clinic

Our Legal Clinic offers a wide range of legal services to child survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Zimbabwe. Services offered include legal advice, referrals, legal representation and HIV-related legal services for children. With its unique focus and prioritization of the voice of the child victim, our Legal Clinic empowers children to be active agents in their protection, strengthening access to judicial remedies; identifying the specific recovery and reintegration needs of child victims of sexual exploitation; and improving the opportunity of monetary relief for victims to rebuild their lives..

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Legal Education

Our Legal Education program is designed to increase children’s knowledge of their Section 81 rights enshrined in the Zimbabwean Constitution. With particular emphasis on the right against Sexual and Economic Exploitation, Mudiwa Foundation ensures that every child has child-friendly, age-appropriate and gender-sensitive information on sexual offences, effective reporting mechanisms and how to navigate the criminal justice system in Zimbabwe.

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Research and Advocacy

Mudiwa Foundation conducts evidence-based advocacy focusing primarily on child sexual and economic exploitation and child-friendly justice systems in Africa. We conduct research on key child rights and access to justice issues to support our advocacy work. The research findings are used to develop position papers and policy papers for engagement with policy makers towards the best interests of the child.

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We believe that policies and approaches to tackle Sexual Violence are more likely to be effective when influenced by the views and experiences of children. Our Amplified program emphasizes the agency of all children, from the Child Parliament to children in remote areas of rural and underserved communities in Zimbabwe