MUDIWA FOUNDATION TRUST is a Zimbabwean youth-driven Organization that is raising a generation of bold and courageous individuals who are fully motivated and empowered to collectively pursue the eradication of poverty in the nation and the continent of Africa at large.  The Foundation seeks to complement government efforts in achieving Sustainable Development, primarily focusing on child welfare, youth development, community development and the safeguarding of the environment as tools in empowering the citizens of our beloved nation. The Foundation is registered in terms of the Deeds Registry Act of Zimbabwe (MA-609/2016).

The Foundation primarily concerns itself with the welfare of the child, with particular attention being afforded to the child in the rural and underserved areas. The main thrust of the Foundation is in education and child protection, key areas which have seen the Foundation develop strategy and programs aimed at advancing the best interests of the child as provided for by the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe and other relevant instruments dealing with the rights of the child.

In promoting the child’s best interests, the Foundation acknowledges the truth in the adage “it takes a village to raise a child” and therefore commits to a holistic approach that not only focuses on the child but on the community at large. The Foundation therefore invests in mentoring and empowering the youth as they are the immediate role models to the children. The Foundation has since initiated its School of Leaders Program that aims at giving the youth a platform to express themselves while learning on a variety of issues including self-efficacy, HIV and AIDS, rights awareness, environmental protection and business enterprise.

Community involvement is pivotal in assuring that the best interests of the child are respected and taken into account in all instances and issues concerning the child. The Foundation therefore extensively engages communities and provides awareness to the rights of the child and to the importance of child protection. The Foundation further empowers communities through vocational skills training, rights awareness with particular bias to the rights of the women (including the girl child), business enterprise training and environmental awareness campaigns