Thousands of volunteers dedicate time and energy to improve the lives of people affected by poverty in Zimbabwe. MUDIWA FOUNDATION was started by a volunteer and volunteers are still considered very much at the heart of what we do.

Our volunteers are viewed as Mudiwa Foundation’s face in the local community; they are integral in raising a huge amount of money to fund vital initiatives and also help us to deliver these services to people affected by poverty in Zimbabwe. They tell people we’re here for them and their voices help us shape and improve the lives of the under-privileged.

Mudiwa Foundation’s volunteers are people who freely choose to contribute their time, energy and   skills and in many cases, professional expertise to support Mudiwa Foundation’s work. Our volunteers are unpaid; however, they should expect reimbursement for out of pocket expenses.


Mudiwa Foundation’s vision for volunteering is that Mudiwa volunteers will be at the heart of Mudiwa’s work and at the heart of every community so that the growing numbers of people living in and beyond abject poverty receive the holistic care and support they need. Mudiwa Foundation is committed to ensuring that volunteers receive the best possible experience whilst volunteering with us, that they will feel fulfilled, valued, and clear about the wide choice of opportunities available.


To ensure volunteers enjoy their role, get the most out of it and that there is a mutually beneficial relationship with the Foundation, our commitment to volunteers is to:

  • Always treat volunteers with respect, consideration and appreciation
  • Ensure volunteers have a clear idea of their responsibilities, including the length of time we’d like them to be involved in a project
  • Give volunteers information about the training and support available to help them carry out their role
  • Provide volunteers with support through regular meetings or discussions
  • Offer fair, honest and timely feedback on a volunteer’s work
  • Update volunteers on how their work has made a difference


In order to meet our commitments to the nominated beneficiaries, MUDIWA FOUNDATION expects high standards from all our supporters, whether they are paid staff or volunteers. We would ask volunteers in return to:

  • Always treat Mudiwa Foundation staff, supporters and fellow volunteers with respect, consideration and appreciation
  • Act in a professional way when representing Mudiwa Foundation in public
  • Act in a way that doesn’t discriminate against or exclude anyone
  • Provide as much notice as possible if they are unable to fulfill their volunteering commitment, or if they no longer wish to be involved in a project