MUDIWA FOUNDATION TRUST was founded by Mr. Victor Chirimuta in 2014 in response to an internal conviction drawing him towards the plight of the underprivileged children in rural Zimbabwe.

In appreciation of this dynamic vision and upon completion of his studies, Victor returned to Zimbabwe in 2016 to take up the mandate that had been laid on his heart. Mr. Chirimuta has since mobilized a team of dynamic and passionate youth within the Republic of Zimbabwe and together they are transforming lives and making a huge impact wherever they go to.

Mr Chirimuta comes from a legal background and is primarily concerned about ensuring that the best interests of the child are protected and promoted¬† in all matters affecting the child. In view of this, Mudiwa Foundation is primarily concerned with the welfare of children and strives to ensure that the whole community is empowered to give the child a brighter future and hope. The Foundation can therefore be described as “a formidable force that is geared at ensuring positive social change through community involvement in promoting the best interests of the child”.

The Foundation has grown from being an aspiration in the mind of a student to a registered movement that has managed to transform many lives in its short tenure. To date, the Foundation has extended its reach to Masvingo and Mashonaland East Provinces in Zimbabwe where it is investing in development work. The Foundation pays fees for the underprivileged students in Primary and Secondary Schools, trains and empowers the youth in character and business enterprise development and engages in community development initiatives aimed at socio-economic advancement.

¬†“educating every child, mentoring and empowering every youth and developing every community to eradicate poverty in Africa”